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  1. What is 11Wizards?

    11Wizards is the perfect companion for fantasy cricket fans. It enhances your chances of winning prizes through our advanced predictive analytics and consolidates multiple fantasy platforms into one convenient location. This enables you to find the perfect contest, select, manage and monitor teams all within single app.

  2. Am I guaranteed to win if I use 11Wizards?

  3. How does 11Wizards increase my chance of winning prizes?

  4. How does the Lineup Wizard work?

  5. How do I deposit and withdraw on 11Wizards?

  6. Is 11Wizards legal to use?

  7. Is 11Wizards a fantasy contest platform?

  8. What contests are available on 11Wizards?

    11Wizards features fantasy contests from the most popular providers in India. We currently display contests available on Dream11, MyTeam11, and My11Circle. We continually review the platforms we feature. If you’d like your platform’s contests to be showcased on 11Wizards, please contact us at [email protected]

  9. Can I enter contests on 11Wizards?

  10. Is 11Wizards associated with any other fantasy apps?

  11. How do I create teams on 11Wizards?

  12. What is the difference between Pre-toss predictions and Post-toss predictions?

  13. What is the difference between expected to play and not expected to play?

  14. How do I lock in/out players in my line ups

  15. What is the difference between expected points and average points?

  16. How do I adjust C/VC of my teams?

  17. How do I replace players in my line up?

  18. Why does 11Wizards ask me to enable overlay permissions?

  19. How do I use the overlay feature?

  20. Why would I want to adjust the risk level of my teams?

  21. How do I Log in/ sign up to 11Wizards?

    After downloading the 11Wizards app, simply register with your mobile number and OTP.

  22. I did not receive my OTP, what should I do?

  23. How do I keep my 11Wizards account safe?

  24. How do I contact 11Wizards?

    For further assistance or to provide feedback, please contact us at [email protected].

  25. What information does 11Wizards collect about me?